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Monthly Archives: April 2022

3 things to consider before building a commercial building

Are you looking forward to building a commercial building? If that’s you, we know how overwhelming it may feel. However, our team at BluWav Capital has the expertise and experience to help you in such amazing enterprise. For that, we... Read More

The best 7 tips to starting a fix and flip

Fix and flip is a lucrative business for many potential investors. As BluWav Capital we know that implies being able to generate a business process that involves the following phases: Locate and identify a property. Obtain financing to buy it.... Read More

How To Market a Small Business Locally

When you start a small business, one essential step is figuring out your marketing plan. There are dozens of different ways to tell people about your business, from online to on TV. Depending on your scope, you might be advertising... Read More

What are SBA loans and how they may help you business?

Would you like to find out what SBA loans are? Our team at BluWav Capital has put together this post to explain you further. They are financial products offered by the United States government, yes. But much more than that,... Read More

Ways to Help Your Business Grow

Starting a new business is exciting but requires a lot of work to get off the ground, acquire a customer base, and begin making money. Here are a few good ways to help your business grow.  Maintain Detailed and Organized... Read More

How do bridge loans really work?

Today there are many loans: personal, consumer, for companies, mortgages, short, medium and long term, etc. Bridge loans are an option, too! In the real estate market there are several ways of financing that allow projects to be sold. However,... Read More