Online marketing is necessary if you have a business. While offline marketing, like flyers and business cards, still work and are profitable, running ads online can take your business to new heights. There are dozens of different types of online ads, and you will need to evaluate which ones suit your business best before choosing. Google Adwords is one online advertising tool you can use to help your business. Here are three signs it’s time to try this campaign type. 

1. You Have the Budget

If you have the budget for a Google Adwords campaign, then it may be time to give it a try. However, don’t max out your budget. Do diligent keyword research to ensure that you are going after the right words that get your business some visibility. Competitive keywords cost more, so keep this in mind. Focus on keywords that you can afford and not just the ones that are competitive or popular. If you go over your budget, it can mean that your business is losing money or that you will have to cut back elsewhere. 

2. You Can Create Ads Regularly

If you or your team can create excellent ads regularly, then Google Adwords might be right for you. You have to plan out an ad very carefully since your content will persuade a consumer to click on your ad or not. You have a limited amount of text, so your team needs to use the space wisely to convey your information. You also need to be able to create ads regularly to keep your audience engaged. Research to see what kinds of ads resonate with your audience, and make a point to create ads that speak to them. 

3. You Understand Tracking Results

While creating the ads is the first step, you need to have the ability to understand your results. Otherwise, you won’t know what is working and what isn’t. You need to know how to set up tracking in the first place because if you don’t, you will miss out on vital marketing information. Adwords has a section for tracking, called conversion tracking. If you don’t understand how it works, enlist help from someone on your team, or consult a marketing expert.  These are three signs that it might be time to try an Adwords campaign. Online advertising can increase your sales dramatically if done correctly. To create a successful advertising campaign, plan out your keywords, know your audience, and stick to your budget. 

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