As an entrepreneur, you know it’s important that your website be easy to find. Effective SEO (search engine optimization) is the way to accomplish this goal. Many business owners are apprehensive about this extensive topic; it can seem impossibly complex. Search engine algorithms change frequently, so it’s a challenge to stay ahead of the game. That said, several best practices will consistently boost your SEO. Read on for a few.

1. Optimize Your URL Structure

In a best-case scenario, the URL or your business should be short; It’s brief, catchy, and concise. Other pages’ URLs should be more specific about the content they contain and have targeted keywords embedded in the copy. Don’t let the length of the URLs get out of hand, though. If the structure is solid and streamlined, both users and search engines will be able to search and crawl through it easily.

2. Make and Evaluate Small Changes

This is where A/B testing comes in. Focus on one element at a time, whether it’s the content, titles, or meta descriptions, and test them against alternate variations. Which ones result in the most favorable analytic result? Zero in on this strategy (repeat it, too!) and watch your SEO stats improve.

3. Do a Complete Site Redesign

Obviously, do redesigns with care and at reasonable intervals. Good reasons to redesign are outdated design, navigational issues, branding overhauls, and other concerns. Usually, your Google ranking will dip temporarily after a complete redesign but will bounce back up quickly as you gain new visitors to the site. It’s a matter of playing the long game. 

4. Focus On High-Quality Backlinks

It’s important to receive as many backlinks as possible from reputable websites to increase the clout (and search engine ranking) of your website. It’s a risk to link to other pages from your website, but if you focus on high-quality outbound links, it does increase your authority with your audience. Avoid poor-quality or spammy websites.

5. Purchase Available or Expired Domains

Website owners often fail to renew their domains or make them available to others. By strategically purchasing domains with a successful history and redirecting them to your site, you can greatly increase your web traffic. Make sure that the domain is directly related to your business, legitimate, and professional.

Improving your SEO is both a technical and an intuitive process. Try these strategies to drive more visitors to your website. 

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