If you’re a business owner who’s looking into redesigning your website, you might be wondering why the specific design is so important. How does your web design impact your potential customers and business? Here are several key reasons. 

1. First Impression

Think of your business as being like a house. When your audience comes to your website, you’re opening the “front door” and giving them a peek inside. Customers will make a judgment within seconds. In the best-case scenario, your web design will be appealing and updated. Your visitors will stay instead of bouncing to your competitors. 

2. Customer Service

Your website says a lot about your customer service. Customers will expect to be treated the way you treat them on your website. Putting effort into the design means that you will also put effort into helping your clients. In another analogy, your web design is similar to a customer service representative. A modern, inviting design will help visitors feel welcome. It’s like a friendly face. 

3. SEO

If your web design practices and elements are high quality, it’s likely to improve your SEO (search engine optimization). The fundamentals should be there from the start. This is a time to consult a professional web designer (even if on a contract basis) to help boost your visibility. Chances are they can teach you easy, actionable ways to keep your SEO healthy. 

4. Consistency

Consistent branding is a hallmark of a successful company, and that extends to your website. Building brand recognition is key during all phases of the life of your business. Keeping colors, fonts, layouts, and styles consistent will help maintain that recognizable look, and keep potential clients on your page. 

5. Trust

People will do business with you if they trust you, and your web design plays an integral part in establishing that trust. Be sure your website is updated, professional-looking has clear CTAs (calls to action), and is extremely easy to navigate. The slightest bit of frustration will send customers elsewhere. Have trusted coworkers and customers test your site and give constructive feedback.

6. Competition

Your competitors are currently using best practices in web design. If you want to play in their leagues and outrank them, it’s necessary that your design reflects best practices, too. Also, knowing your competition will help you determine how you want to stand out.

High-quality web design is crucial for your business. Remember these ideas as you plan your strategy.