At this point, the majority of brands understand the importance of creating compelling content to boost SEO. It’s a challenge to consistently generate it, though. Do you need some fresh ideas to help you move forward? Read on for some effective ways to generate high-quality content. 

1. Repurpose Your Best Content

You already know the most popular content you’ve created. If not, take an analytic deep dive into the last year. Once you’ve determined what the content is, reuse it. No, not verbatim. Simply repurpose and update it. Another strategy is to turn your ebooks into a series of blogs, or a series of blogs into an ebook. 

2. Maintain a Content Mindset

Maintaining a content mindset means that whenever you’re engaged in any task related to your business or thinking about your business, be on the lookout for inspiration. It’s crucial to write the idea down if you tend to forget. Marketing meetings, Quora questions, recent presentations — it’s all grist for the mill. 

3. Conduct Interviews

Interviews are a time-saving way to make your content more interesting and build your reputation as a team player. All you have to do is contact an expert in your industry, email them the questions, edit their responses, get approval, and publish (include a high-quality photo). It’s a win-win situation. 

4. Conduct Polls or Surveys

Compose a blog post that includes a few questions about the topic. Collate the responses and create another blog post out of that. You’ll have two pieces of content arising from one idea. News sites do this frequently, but this idea can work for many types of businesses. 

5. Don’t Overthink It

You don’t have to be an artful writer; the most important thing is that your content is engaging, useful, and actionable. Many people who are new to content creation try to create Great American mini-novels. It’s not necessary to put yourself through that. Ask yourself if your target customer would find your article useful.

6. Leverage Guest Blog Posts

Guest blog posts can be advantageous to both you and others in your field. If you create a guest post, you’re exposing yourself to a new audience with a moderate amount of effort. A guest blogger saves you the time and energy of creating a new article. 

Maintaining creative flow requires thinking outside the box. Consider these ideas to help you craft compelling content for your visitors. 

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