The way you sell your products and services has a distinct impact on your bottom line. The more effectively you reach your desired demographic, the more sales you’re likely to accumulate. Generation Z is particularly desirable, as these buyers are younger and thus offer more longevity if they turn into loyal shoppers. The following social media strategies will help bring this section of the purchasing public into your company’s good graces.

Be Visual

Eye-catching videos are essential to generating online attention. Create arresting images, and you’ll find that browsers are better inclined to stop scrolling and view your content. Keep in mind that many surf social media with the volume down. Using music is fine, but focus on how your content looks rather than the way it sounds. If you have spoken dialogue, include subtitles. Make them big enough to read on mobile screens without creating eyestrain.

Be Interactive

Generation Z is a particularly action-oriented crowd. Find ways of getting these customers to do something, even if it’s a small gesture. Create a poll, or offer viewers a space where they can offer their opinions. Another tactic is to give your audience a chance to fiddle with content by implementing sliders and other image-manipulating features. Try crafting a call to action that inspires social activity or getting involved in a hot-button issue. The sense of camaraderie that comes with seeking change as a group will last with them forever. Subsequently, they’ll feel a powerful connection with your brand.

Be Funny

Everyone loves to laugh. It’s no different for the younger crowd. Infuse content with meme-worthy LOLs. The more you do this, the more likely you are to inspire shares. Beware that not all brands are a good match for sarcasm or edgy humor. Run jokes by others before going live with them so that you’re not releasing content into the world that misses the mark or causes offense.

Be Responsive

Followers will leave all types of messages, both positive and negative. Respond to each in a friendly and timely manner. When a patron is upset with your service, acknowledge the person’s feelings and use similar vocabulary. If someone merely posts an emoji, respond in kind with an animated gif of your own. The more you engage, the stronger the relationship you’ll develop with potential consumers.

Generation Z particularly loves social media. Since they’re often on these platforms, engage them where they are most comfortable, and use tactics that resonate best with this crowd.

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