Healthcare Financing

Finance Your Busy Practice

Are you a dentist, chiropractor, veterinarian, or other medical professional interested in financing a practice acquisition, special project, debt consolidation, or other need? Bluwav Capital offers healthcare financing to help busy medical professionals obtain the working capital necessary to manage a successful practice with minimal business disruption. If you’re interested in submitting a loan request, our financing professionals can assist with personalized care and expert advice.

  • Equipment: We assist medical professionals with their equipment financing requests and offer up to 50 percent in covered soft costs.
  • Debt restructuring: Restructure your existing debt into one easy low monthly payment and say goodbye to making multiple payments at varying interest rates.
  • Acquisitions: When it’s time to grow, we can offer up to one hundred percent in financing to assist with your practice acquisition.

Benefits of Healthcare Financing

Some benefits of financing with us include:

  • Receive up to $75,000 in financing for providing an application only
  • Receive up to $250,000 if you provide us full financials
  • No required upfront collateral or equity sacrifices
  • The ability to spread your payments out over a 72-month repayment term

Because you’re busy, we’ll send you an application so you can apply on your own time. If you prefer to meet in person, contact us to set up a time to get together so we can learn about your practice and go over your financing options.