Purchase Order Financing

How Your Company Can Benefit From Purchase Order Financing

Are you a company involved with the buying of presold goods? Do you occasionally have trouble coming up with the funds on hand to pay for these orders? If so, you may be interested in learning about purchase order financing.

Our company, Bluwav Capital is a national leader in this service. Check out the following details:

Purchase Order Financing 

Simply put, this type of purchase occurs when a third-party financing company agrees to give a supplier enough up-front money to pay for customers’ purchase orders. It gives you the ability to have goods available for your clients from your sources even before generating an invoice.

This type of financing is particularly suitable for those businesses that sell finished products that they obtain from primary sources. Resellers, importers, warehousers, B2B firms are examples of the types of enterprises that may benefit from this type of financing.

By using it you can fulfill unexpectedly large orders, grow product lines, and take on new customers.

Don’t worry if you a new startup and lack much access to capital. Bluwav Capital can provide the solution.

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