Small Business Loan

Build a Strong Connection With Your Customers Using a Small Business Loan

Every business depends on its customers to survive and thrive. When you have a strong connection with your clients, your company enjoys financial stability and a great reputation. A small business loan is one of the best tools for maintaining a good relationship with loyal customers and attracting new customers. At Bluwav Capital, we can help you get the perfect SBA loan for your needs. Our SBA 7a and 504 loans include:

  • Financing up to $5 million
  • Terms up to 25 years
  • Fast closings
  • Low competitive interest rates
  • LTV up to 90%

The Benefits of a Small Business Loan

Why are small business loans so helpful for customer satisfaction? They provide the capital needed to improve any area of your business that can use it:

  • The right location: With financing, you can purchase real estate that’s located conveniently for your customers. This is vital for restaurants, retail stores and many other small businesses.
  • An attractive store: Why not use a small business loan to remodel your business location? Giving your company a modern, spacious feel can help your customers enjoy spending time eating or shopping. Dental practices and medical clinics can create a relaxing ambiance that helps clients feel comfortable.
  • High-quality equipment: SBA financing is helpful for purchasing new equipment or upgrading your current systems. You can use a loan to get construction equipment, diagnostic equipment, repair tools, heavy machinery and countless other types of equipment.
  • Friendly staff members: Do you need the funds to hire additional employees? We can include working capital in small business loans that covers everything from hiring bonuses to payroll.

Our SBA Financing Options

We make it easy to get small business loans with comfortable terms. You can choose repayment terms that give you up to 25 years to pay back the loan. Our programs provide some of the lowest interest rates possible, with fixed interest rates and no prepayment penalties. We provide large loan-to-value ratios so you don’t need much of a down payment.

Learn more about SBA 7a and 504 loans by contacting us right away.