Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Get the Property You Love With Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Financing

Have you ever felt love at first sight … when searching for a business location? The truth is that some properties are the perfect fit for your company, either because of size, layout, or location. The stated income commercial real estate financing from Bluwav Capital can help you get the business property you love right away. Don’t let someone else swoop in and get it first.

Fast Financing With Great Interest Rates

The reason that this type of financing is popular for buying commercial real estate is that it’s easy to qualify for and it closes quickly. You don’t need to wait months to hear back on approval:

  • Prequalify in a few days
  • Close in 2–3 weeks max
  • Benefit from low interest rates
  • Apply with minimal documentation and average credit score
  • Use funds for purchasing or refinancing
  • Enjoy terms of up to 25 years — fully amortized
  • Get high LTV ratios and low down payments

This combination is excellent when you’re interested in a piece of property in a great location. While other potential buyers are still waiting to find out on loan approval, you have your capital ready to go.

Real Estate Financing You Can Trust

Are stated income loans too good to be true? Not at all. They simply approach financing from a different angle. Instead of focusing on your credit score and cash flow to get loan approval, a stated income commercial real estate loan looks at the property’s value.

Practically any kind of property is welcome, but it has to cover the cost of the loan, insurance and taxes. The LTV ratio depends on the property, and you can get financing for offices, retail stores, investment properties and even multifamily housing.

Expert Assistance With Financing

Contact Bluwav Capital right away to learn more about stated income loans for investment properties.