Search Engine Optimization is essential for ensuring your website and business get in front of the right audience. If you wonder how your website is doing but don’t have a huge budget to buy SEO software, you can rely upon highly effective free SEO tools. 

Why Is SEO Necessary?

SEO services give you access to valuable information and feedback about your website that can affect your bottom line. For example, SEO data can show you which words your target audience uses to search for your services to ensure you incorporate them into your site’s copy. They can also alert you when your website traffic drops and what pages on your site garner the most interest.

What Are Examples of Free Tools for SEO?

Free tools can offer a wide range of benefits that help ensure your business remains relevant to your target audience. These are among the most useful free SEO services that can bring your business to the next level.

Google Analytics: This wide-ranging tool is easy to use and can create a wide range of reports to help you know if your marketing efforts are succeeding. This SEO tool can provide you with an in-depth understanding of various aspects of your business and help you determine what your customers value and even if you are marketing to the right audience.

Bing Webmaster: This tool also helps improve a website’s ranking and performance. Whereas Google Analytics improves performance on Google, Bing Webmaster enhances a site’s performance on the Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Screaming Frog:  This is among the more helpful SEO tools that perform a technical audit of your site to detect problems leading to a poor user experience. Typical issues the software can flag include broken links, metadata, page title quality, redirect identification, and duplicate content.

Keyword Hero: Keywords help their users find your page on search engines, and this tool detects and adds them to a convenient list in your Google Analytics account. Knowing which and how many keywords lead visitors to your site can help you modify your content or marketing strategy.

Link Redirect Trace: This tool can help you detect and repair issues with links on your website. For example, broken or delayed links can lower your search engine ranking, reduce your affiliate income potential, or frustrate your customers.

SEO tools are essential for business owners to ensure that their audiences find their websites and enjoy positive experiences navigating them. 

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