When you start a small business, one essential step is figuring out your marketing plan. There are dozens of different ways to tell people about your business, from online to on TV. Depending on your scope, you might be advertising your company nationwide. However, local marketing has some benefits as well. Here are some ways you can promote a small business locally. 

Partner With Local Businesses

Try reaching out to local businesses to bolster your local marketing efforts. Find local businesses that are in the same industry or correlate to your industry and pitch a partnership. It could be as simple as having them feature some of your brochures, use your products, or even sell your products. To be successful with this type of partnership, research your area and see what local organizations might be willing to help you with marketing. 

Go to Community Events

Putting yourself and your business out there is an excellent way to familiarize people with your products and services. Community events don’t necessarily have to be within your industry. Events like fairs, charity runs, or dinners are a great way to introduce your business to people, especially if you are new in town. Supporting and getting to know the community is also a way to show people that you want to give back to others and help the neighborhood thrive. 

Host Happy Hour Networking Events

Happy hour events are popular for a reason. While it is still a business function, this event type is more relaxed, and networking is simple. Instead of the usual networking functions at conferences and meetings, participants can have a drink and something to eat. Happy hours enable people to talk about business and fun activities, so the entire gathering is stress-free. Happy hours can help with local marketing, especially if you choose a well-known or popular neighborhood bar. 

Partner With Local Influencers

Influencers that are local to the area and relevant to your industry can help you gain new customers. Usually, influencers will have a large fanbase and can tell them about your product or service. Influencers can also have a smaller fanbase with highly engaged followers. They can also help you reach more people or a new demographic. Research to see which influencers can help spread the word about your organization. These are some ways that you can locally market your company and reach new customers. Try one of these tactics or a combination to see what works best. 

Seek Expert Assistance

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