For a long time, the Super Bowl has been the pinnacle of television advertising. 30-second spots go for millions of dollars because no other televised event attracts so many eyes in the U.S. Over the years, Super Bowl ads have become an attraction of their own, often gaining the views of people who aren’t even interested in football. Recently, Super Bowl advertising is increasingly moving off the television and even moving away from football itself.

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels have given brands a way to reach their audience more directly. Sending out social media updates during the big game has become a bigger and bigger part of the Super Bowl ad experience.

It is easy to see why brands like taking advantage of social media spaces. First, plenty of people is engaging with social channels while they watch the Super Bowl. People want to share their reactions, capture highlights, or (in some cases) just pass time until the halftime show.

Second, digital marketing offers all sorts of tools that aren’t available with TV ads. For example, social media lets brand representatives have two-way interactions with consumers. Similarly, they can live stream content to their viewers in a way that simply isn’t possible with television ads.

Changing the Nature of Super Bowl Ads

YouTube and video on social networks have changed the way that many brands share their ads. For years, they have released them online after the Super Bowl so that people can find their favorites or see ones that they missed. However, in recent years, they have started releasing ads before the game itself. This has led to a reduced reliance on ads during the Super Bowl.

Gradually, brands are moving towards the Super Bowl simply being a season of creating weird and wonderful ads. Some aren’t even really ads. For example, in 2019, Skittles hosted a live musical show to promote candy.

Without a doubt, ads during the Super Bowl will continue to be highly coveted and valuable for brands. It is still earning an enormous number of live views. However, with digital marketing channels available, brands can expand their TV spots with transmedia content or even eschew the game itself entirely. The avenues for creativity are enormous.

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